Jefferson Energy Companies | Crude Oil
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Crude Oil

The Jefferson Energy Terminal was built to be the most efficient and cost effective rail terminal in the US Gulf Coast for receiving unit trains of light and heavy conventional crude oils.  The terminal is triple served by the BNSF, KCS, and Union Pacific and also works in direct partnership with both Canadian railroads (CN and CP).  Crude oil can be sourced from all of the most prolific basins in the United States (Permian, Bakken, and Rockies) in addition to heavy and light production from Western Canada.  Both the heated and non-heated unloading systems can unload unit trains of up to 120 cars in under 24 hours with options to load into storage tanks or direct load to barge.


Customer inquiries regarding crude oil optionality at Jefferson should contact Andrea Phillips, Vice President- Commercial Development & Marketing [email protected] .