Jefferson Energy Terminal

About Us

Jefferson Energy’s Beaumont Terminal is located at the Port of Beaumont, at the confluence of three class 1 rail road carriers, the Sabine/Neches Waterway, and Interstate 10. The Terminal has been in operation since December 2013 and has safely transloaded millions of barrels from truck and rail to marine.

The Terminal is designed to deliver maximum flexibility to users, with crude by rail capability ranging from the lightest condensate to pure bitumen. Additionally, planned Pipelines connect the Terminal with crude and other products to and from major refineries, hubs and terminals.

When fully developed, the Terminal will have the capacity to unload over 210,000 barrels a day of free flow and heavy crude oil through four 120 rail car systems, each equipped to offload 120 car unit trains. It was designed and built to serve the most active refining market in the United States.

The Terminal has a gross capacity of approximately 1,000,000 barrels of storage capacity, to be expanded to 3.6 million barrels in the near future. Blending and basic product testing on site allow cargoes to be blended to customer’s specifications.

The Terminal’s Marine capabilities include a Ship Dock (40’ depth, Aframax length) and a dedicated Inland Barge dock. These docks connect Jefferson Energy Terminal to domestic and foreign marine destinations.

The Terminal can currently receive up to six Tank Trucks of condensate or crude oil per hour. An off ramp is currently under construction which will connect truck traffic from Interstate 10 directly to the Terminal.