About Us

Jefferson Refinery, L.L.C. was formed in 2007 by a group of investors who responded to developing opportunities in the North American crude oil shale plays. The company mapped out an infrastructure and plan which not only allowed for the acquisition, transport, and processing of their own product, but opened up an opportunity for other major refiners to benefit from their crude oil transport infrastructure.

The Port of Beaumont Petroleum Transload Terminal, L.L.C. was created as a part of the vision of Jefferson Refinery, L.L.C. to streamline source-to-refiner crude oil transport and backhaul diluent to refiners who process heavy, or sour, crudes.

The company’s vision includes the restoration of the Independent Refinery facility near Hamshire, Texas, which had closed its doors in 1983. The investors had a vision of expediting the transport, storage, and delivery of crude oil from various North American crude oil shale plays to major refineries. In 2009, the company was approved to sell over $46 million in tax-free bonds through the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation. By December 31, 2012, the company held assets of $380 million and continues to acquire investment funding.

Through the initial sale of bonds to private investors, the company was able to move forward with its vision. The Port of Beaumont Petroleum Transload Terminal is the first phase of that reality…